Conjure decorations from leaves and deciduous plants

June 21, 2022

Today we would like to present you a part of our green offer, dominated by leaves and deciduous plants! ☘️

It is an inseparable element of the decor of various types of celebrations, a perfect complement to bouquets, compositions and more! 💚

👉 Here are some of our suggestions for the use of leaves and deciduous plants: 💚🔎😀

▪️ interior decoration, e.g. for home, office or shop,

▪️ complementing vertical gardens / green walls,

▪️ addition to occasional arrangements,

▪️ addition to event, theater, film, TV or exhibition scenery,

▪️ addition to the interior of the store and shopping center,

▪️ a few large leaves create an image that can be used as a background for an inscription or logo,

▪️ a leafy bouquet can be hung on the wall instead of a picture,

▪️ deciduous compositions successfully hide damaged surfaces,

▪️ leaves are an interesting substitute for magnificent decorations in interiors where there is no free space for them,

▪️ leaves will be perfect for thematic decorations, e.g. exotic or forest,

▪️ interesting window decoration,

▪️ decoration of stairs, columns, furniture or ceiling beams,

▪️ a screen made of leaves is an original idea for a functional interior division.

📢 At BOMM, we will take care of your green and blooming arrangement. Our decorators will conjure up real wonders for you! Professional plant arrangements for offices, restaurants, hotels or shops? We provide support at every stage of the process, from design to assembly. ☘️

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