News - Green ivies and creepers like live!

May 18, 2022

This year's season passes under the unquestionable reign of sales stars such as all green ivy and creepers. ❗️📢

Therefore, it is with all the greater pleasure that we present you our new supply of greenery. 💚 The fern, monster and asparagus overhangs have been added to our green offer of decorations ideal for the needs of restaurants, wedding halls, shopping malls and even home balconies and terraces.

We believe that their quality, fantastic visuals and a very reasonable price will make most of the indexes presented today very quickly find their way to the list of our green bestsellers. 🙏 ☘️🔎

- shop window decoration,
- green decoration of the entrance and interior of the restaurant,
- addition to floristic compositions, especially wedding and occasional ones,
- an element of a vertical garden,
- arrangement of an office or open space,
- decoration of the balcony, terrace, columns, stair railing or other elements of the decor.

- flexibility and ease of composition with other artificial plants,
- faithful representation of the appearance of plants,
- resistance to damage,
- color and form durability,
- do not cause plant allergies,
- they do not need sunlight,
- they do not need to be watered, they do not wilt,
- give interiors and events a completely new, green character. ☘️

We invite! 😍

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