Season for occasional decorations - baptisms, communions - it's time to start!

Season for occasional decorations - baptisms, communions - it's time to start!

April 26, 2022

Who among us does not love white? 🤍🦢 White is a symbol of purity and innocence, as well as the richness of spiritual life. 🙏 Flowers in light shades can work wonders in austere, modernist interiors - softening the space and giving it a warm atmosphere and lightness. 📢💐🌷

At Bomm, we recommend angelically beautiful flowers that will decorate the most beautiful ceremonies such as baptisms and communions. 🕊🎀 Our team will conjure up the most beautiful decorations for you according to your projects! 💐

Here are some of our best sellers: 🤍

  • GK331 - beauty in a classic version, i.e. a rubberized lily branch, 66 cm high and 19 cm in diameter:

  • K498 - a sprig of hydrangea, 86 cm high:

  • R056 - our bestseller, a subtle gypsophila in light shades that will perfectly complement any decoration and bouquet, giving it lightness:

  • NN857 - a ready-made composition with an orchid that will add a festive character to important moments:

  • B130 - a wide green overhang that will be an excellent base for decoration:

  • NN282 - floral head wreath, 19 cm in diameter, perfect for the First Communion ceremony:

  • U641 - our bestseller, a bouquet of satin peony flowers 43 cm high in beautiful, pastel shades:


We invite! 💐🌷

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ozdoby okolicznościowe
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