Summer bestseller - in exotic style!

July 6, 2022

The long-awaited vacation has come and with it the longing for lush and tropical greenery! Exotic interior motifs are undoubtedly a hot trend this season. Plant patterns reign in spaces, climb walls and show off in lush and magnificent compositions. 🦀🦜

Why is the exotic style so desirable? The magnificent vegetation, palm leaves and colorful flowers evoke only positive emotions! Multicolored color combinations fill you with joy, arouse admiration and bring you to a state of relaxation. 🌴

Exotic vegetation has stolen the hearts of architects and designers! Intense, juicy colors of flowers, lush green leaves, magnificent vines - this is a simple way to create a tropical nature in a restaurant, office or shop. 🦋🌺

Thanks to the holiday offer of exotic plants from BOMM, any space can become a green oasis. 😍

Get to know our unique, exotic offer, including many phenomenal species of flowers and plants: 🌱🌿🌵

▪️ energizing tropical flowers, e.g. GK363, GK364, DK060, DK061, L314

▪️ monstera philo: leaves: DK102, L650, L416, L929, L436, L926, L373, L164, R335, trees: T002, T019, T031, T032, R640, climbers: B900, B901, B907, B679, B677, B528, B529, B047, B048, B649

▪️ philodendrons: leaves: L054, L928

▪️ palm trees: leaves: R242, R413, L561, R400, R430, L970, R415, trees: T024, T025, T029, T034, T039, T054, T401, T924, T056, climbers: B654

▪️ eucalyptus: twigs: L356, L358, L359, R522, R415, R460, R313, DK018, R131, trees: T325, T326

▪️ strelitzias: trees: T018

▪️ lotuses: leaves: L165, L166

▪️ callas: trees: R623, R624, leaves: L316, twigs and heads: WF011, WF122, WF126, W094, W149, K508, GK255, GK054, GK256, GK267, K342, K408

▪️ dracaena: leaves L015, L455, L046, L995, L996, trees: D007, D008

▪️ aloe, agave: T027, T028

▪️ exotic fruit trees: T007, T023

▪️ fruit branches: R905, R141, DK015

▪️ anthurium: leaves: DK104, L913, flowers: GK252, GK111, WF028, WF029

▪️ wisteries: T134, T136, T139


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