The world of green mats

May 10, 2022

At Bomm, we are up to date with the latest trends, which is why today we present you green mats that can be used in more than one arrangement, e.g. 😍🌿💚

* beloved and how phenomenal vertical gardens

* green walls inside buildings that will add green energy even in raw and large-area spaces

* external facades of commercial spaces

* in offices, to divide open space

* fair, theater or exhibition scenography

* balconies

* addition to the decor of occasional arrangements, e.g. weddings, weddings, etc.,

* backgrounds for lighting,

* green carpets

and many more❗️

Artificial mats are a modern solution that can be used in any scenery. Greenery is always on top, it can be a background for inscriptions or lighting in a restaurant or other commercial space. 🌿💚

Vertical compositions are created so that the colors, sizes and textures of plant leaves create natural, green images.

Features and benefits of artificial mats:

* instant effect (e.g. intimacy, fencing, forest interior climate, etc.),

* they are exact copies of living plants,

* bring natural beauty to any interior,

* easily fit into other decorative elements,

* they blend in perfectly with other types of plants (live and artificial),

* do not take up space on the floor - perfect in small interiors where there is no room for large pots, etc.

* instant effect "as after renovation",

* long-term durability,

* high resistance to various types of damage,

* do not require daily care,

* do not require sunlight,

* do not lose their color,

* safe for allergy sufferers,

* do not block the air circulation,

* cover surface damage, e.g. rust or moisture,

* do not attract insects etc.,

* do not damage the facade or other surfaces to which they are attached,

* serve as protection of external surfaces (including against weather conditions, vandalism or animals),

* very comfortable and easy to install.

Here are some of our green suggestions: 😀🔎

TR009 - 26x26 cm grass mat that perfectly imitates live grass>

TR073 - 5 meters long moss mat will create a forest climate>

TR142 - Another green 100x95 bestseller, imitating realistic moss>

TR054 - Mat of colorful leaves 60x40 cm>

TR057 - Moss and bark mat 50x50 cm>

TR141 - Fern mat 50x50 cm>


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