The world of sunflowers

April 18, 2022

And after Easter, we present you a unique collection of sunflowers. 🌻

A symbol of late summer and early autumn, as well as hot summer days. 🌻🙃 These colorful, fresh and optimistic flowers are a bold and warm accent in both summer and early autumn compositions.

Sunflowers look exceptionally noble, fresh and light. They bring to mind idyll, family, warmth and sun. They also symbolize loyalty, which is why they are considered flowers that lift us up. 🙏💛

At BOMM, we especially recommend beautiful and beautiful sunflower flowers:

  • GK060 - our best-selling premium sunflower with a diameter of up to 24 cm and a length of 106 cm:

  • GK062 - satin sunflower with suede coating, 74 cm high and 15 cm in diameter:

  • GK520 - new, 70 cm high sunflower:

  • GK521 - sunflower in late summer colors, 80 cm high, consisting of three beautiful flowers:

  • GK525 - sunflower, 49 cm high:

  • GK328 - another bestseller, a sunflower twig, 100 cm high, made of satin, the diameter of the head is 19 cm:

  • B037 - a beautiful garland with sunflower flowers, 160 cm long:

  • GK300 - Satin sunflower - a twig 60 cm high, a head diameter of 11 cm:


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