Sunflowers full of sun

Aug. 21, 2023

Sunflowers 🌻 are undoubtedly the flowers of the Sun! Full of warmth, extremely decorative flowers that are an unwritten symbol of late summer and early autumn, as well as hot days and holiday memories. These extremely colorful, optimistic flowers are a warm accent in both summer and early autumn compositions. 😃

At BOMM, we recommend new sunflowers:

🌻U879 - A bouquet of sunflowers, 48 cm

🌻U265 - A bouquet of sunflowers, 45 cm

🌻 K167 - Sunflower - twig 70 cm

🌻 K416 - Sunflower - twig 42 cm

🌻 K412 - Sunflower - twig 45 cm