Happy Easter

Happy Easter

April 7, 2023

Summer bestseller - in exotic style!

Summer bestseller - in exotic style!

July 6, 2022

The long-awaited vacation has come and with it the longing for lush and tropical greenery! Exotic interior motifs are undoubtedly a hot trend this season. Plant patterns reign in spaces, climb walls and show off in lush and magnificent compositions. 🦀🦜

Why is the exotic style so desirable? The magnificent vegetation, palm leaves and colorful flowers evoke only positive emotions! Multicolored color combinations fill you with joy, arouse admiration and bring you to a state of relaxation. 🌴

Exotic vegetation has stolen the hearts of architects and designers! Intense, juicy colors of flowers, lush green leaves, magnificent vines - this is a simple way to create a tropical nature in a restaurant, office or shop. 🦋🌺

Thanks to the holiday offer of exotic plants from BOMM, any space can become a green oasis. 😍

Get to know our unique, exotic offer, including many phenomenal species of flowers and plants: 🌱🌿🌵

▪️ energizing tropical flowers, e.g. GK363, GK364, DK060, DK061, L314

▪️ monstera philo: leaves: DK102, L650, L416, L929, L436, L926, L373, L164, R335, trees: T002, T019, T031, T032, R640, climbers: B900, B901, B907, B679, B677, B528, B529, B047, B048, B649

▪️ philodendrons: leaves: L054, L928

▪️ palm trees: leaves: R242, R413, L561, R400, R430, L970, R415, trees: T024, T025, T029, T034, T039, T054, T401, T924, T056, climbers: B654

▪️ eucalyptus: twigs: L356, L358, L359, R522, R415, R460, R313, DK018, R131, trees: T325, T326

▪️ strelitzias: trees: T018

▪️ lotuses: leaves: L165, L166

▪️ callas: trees: R623, R624, leaves: L316, twigs and heads: WF011, WF122, WF126, W094, W149, K508, GK255, GK054, GK256, GK267, K342, K408

▪️ dracaena: leaves L015, L455, L046, L995, L996, trees: D007, D008

▪️ aloe, agave: T027, T028

▪️ exotic fruit trees: T007, T023

▪️ fruit branches: R905, R141, DK015

▪️ anthurium: leaves: DK104, L913, flowers: GK252, GK111, WF028, WF029

▪️ wisteries: T134, T136, T139


We invite! 💚🌸

Flowers in the summer season

Flowers in the summer season

June 29, 2022

📣 It happened! Summer has come to our door for good, and with it a real range of colorful and captivating flowers! 😀 🌼🌻

The summer season is the time when we can enjoy the true richness of colorful flowers and tasty fruit. This is the time of a fertile harvest - also in BOMM! 😍🌸

High temperatures and air conditioning are not good for living plants, so their faithful counterparts will prove themselves where the maintenance of live plants and flowers is difficult. Hotel receptions, restaurants, outdoor terraces - these spaces beg to be decorated with the colors of the season! And among them reign both pastels and vivid and juicy colors! 🌷🌞

👉 Check out our summer flower suggestions:

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Conjure decorations from leaves and deciduous plants

Conjure decorations from leaves and deciduous plants

June 21, 2022

Today we would like to present you a part of our green offer, dominated by leaves and deciduous plants! ☘️

It is an inseparable element of the decor of various types of celebrations, a perfect complement to bouquets, compositions and more! 💚

👉 Here are some of our suggestions for the use of leaves and deciduous plants: 💚🔎😀

▪️ interior decoration, e.g. for home, office or shop,

▪️ complementing vertical gardens / green walls,

▪️ addition to occasional arrangements,

▪️ addition to event, theater, film, TV or exhibition scenery,

▪️ addition to the interior of the store and shopping center,

▪️ a few large leaves create an image that can be used as a background for an inscription or logo,

▪️ a leafy bouquet can be hung on the wall instead of a picture,

▪️ deciduous compositions successfully hide damaged surfaces,

▪️ leaves are an interesting substitute for magnificent decorations in interiors where there is no free space for them,

▪️ leaves will be perfect for thematic decorations, e.g. exotic or forest,

▪️ interesting window decoration,

▪️ decoration of stairs, columns, furniture or ceiling beams,

▪️ a screen made of leaves is an original idea for a functional interior division.

📢 At BOMM, we will take care of your green and blooming arrangement. Our decorators will conjure up real wonders for you! Professional plant arrangements for offices, restaurants, hotels or shops? We provide support at every stage of the process, from design to assembly. 

👉 Check out our products:

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Terraces and balconies in flowers and greenery

Terraces and balconies in flowers and greenery

June 14, 2022

Calendar summer is fast approaching us. 🌼 This season must not miss inspiring, lush vegetation that will decorate your balconies, terraces and exterior facades! 🌸😍

Blooming geraniums with intense colors will show their charm perfectly in wooden boxes. Green and juicy vines will perfectly match modern and industrial forms. Overhangs and artificial flowers will look great in hanging baskets and on vertical structures and ladders. 💚

With the help of artificial plants and flowers, you can easily conjure up a vertical garden on one of the facade walls. By weaving plants and flowers into your home scenery, you can easily turn an unattractive space into a real green oasis and a floral paradise! 🧐 🌷🌸

👉 Among our bestsellers you will find:

▪️ flowering climbers: B036, B038, B519, B555, B600, B618

▪️ green climbers: B047, B048, B522, B521, B528

▪️ green mats and balls: T056, T058, T059, TR073, TR138

▪️ potted plants: B606, B608, D010, D011

▪️ trees: T134, T136, T139, T019, T003

▪️ green and pampas grasses: GK919, TR163, T004, TR093, TR098


And for more, please see below: 🌸

Decorative potted plants

Decorative potted plants

June 8, 2022

We present you our potted plants in vivid, optimistic colors. 🌸😍

Our today's proposals can decorate even the most demanding spaces, both inside and outside. 😀

All this thanks to the flawless imitation of natural plants! They are perfect for rooms where live flowers do not have the appropriate conditions for growth (e.g. bathrooms, corridors or air-conditioned rooms). 🧐

Potted plants are a perfect decoration at home, shop or office. Ready compositions will perfectly decorate external facades, terraces, entrances or shop windows. 🌷🌸🌼

▪️ Among our bestsellers, we recommend flowering flowers in pots (B606, U827, U257) and green flowers (D007, D008, R623, R624, R640, D010, D022) and many more! 🌸

Check below: 🔎💚


We invite! 😀

Fresh portion of news - green and flowers

Fresh portion of news - green and flowers

May 30, 2022

Green and blooming delivery on board! The Bomm offer has been joined by high-quality rubberized (and waterproof!) Green vines, which will look great in compositions or interior decorations regardless of the season. The texture, color and shape of the leaves of the offered vines resemble live plants. The products have been prepared with the highest precision and attention to detail. Artificial monstera, asparagus, allocasia, and palm trees are perfect for decorating a wall, balcony, terrace, hotel lobby, cafe garden or restaurant! 😀☘️

👉 Green, lush monstera vines, alocasia and more! 💚

▪️ B901 >

▪️ B904 >

▪️ B908 >

👉 We also have something for color fans: magnolia flowers, tulips, colorful grasses: 🌷🌸

▪️ GK401 >

▪️ U827 >

▪️ U828 >

▪️ K525 >

▪️ R351 >

▪️ R352 >

👉 Abundant tree specimens and more: 🌳

▪️ T325 >

▪️ T326 >

▪️ T401 >

▪️ TR163 >

▪️ R611 >

We invite! 👆🔎

Plants for offices and commercial spaces

Plants for offices and commercial spaces

May 25, 2022

We present you our green proposals for offices and commercial spaces. 🧐 We know how difficult and time-consuming it is to maintain living vegetation in closed and air-conditioned interiors. ⏰☘️

The currently developed technology allows us to flawlessly imitate natural prototypes to look like those created by mother nature. Even up close, it is difficult to know if the plant is alive or not.


Greenery located in the space plays an important role. It not only looks nice and complements the decor, but also calms, relaxes and increases productivity in the workplace. It influences the positive feelings of customers and employees. ☘️📍

Decoration of relaxation zones, reception areas, green wall designs according to your vision? We offer ready-made green compositions as well as custom-made arrangements! ☘️

We are happy to present our green bestsellers, which will prove themselves in offices and other demanding spaces.


We invite! 😀👆

News - Green ivies and creepers like live!

News - Green ivies and creepers like live!

May 18, 2022

This year's season passes under the unquestionable reign of sales stars such as all green ivy and creepers. ❗️📢

Therefore, it is with all the greater pleasure that we present you our new supply of greenery. 💚 The fern, monster and asparagus overhangs have been added to our green offer of decorations ideal for the needs of restaurants, wedding halls, shopping malls and even home balconies and terraces.

We believe that their quality, fantastic visuals and a very reasonable price will make most of the indexes presented today very quickly find their way to the list of our green bestsellers. 🙏 ☘️🔎

- shop window decoration,
- green decoration of the entrance and interior of the restaurant,
- addition to floristic compositions, especially wedding and occasional ones,
- an element of a vertical garden,
- arrangement of an office or open space,
- decoration of the balcony, terrace, columns, stair railing or other elements of the decor.

- flexibility and ease of composition with other artificial plants,
- faithful representation of the appearance of plants,
- resistance to damage,
- color and form durability,
- do not cause plant allergies,
- they do not need sunlight,
- they do not need to be watered, they do not wilt,
- give interiors and events a completely new, green character. ☘️

We invite! 😍