Plants for offices and commercial spaces

Plants for offices and commercial spaces

May 25, 2022

We present you our green proposals for offices and commercial spaces. 🧐 We know how difficult and time-consuming it is to maintain living vegetation in closed and air-conditioned interiors. ⏰☘️

The currently developed technology allows us to flawlessly imitate natural prototypes to look like those created by mother nature. Even up close, it is difficult to know if the plant is alive or not.


Greenery located in the space plays an important role. It not only looks nice and complements the decor, but also calms, relaxes and increases productivity in the workplace. It influences the positive feelings of customers and employees. ☘️📍

Decoration of relaxation zones, reception areas, green wall designs according to your vision? We offer ready-made green compositions as well as custom-made arrangements! ☘️

We are happy to present our green bestsellers, which will prove themselves in offices and other demanding spaces.


We invite! 😀👆

News - Green ivies and creepers like live!

News - Green ivies and creepers like live!

May 18, 2022

This year's season passes under the unquestionable reign of sales stars such as all green ivy and creepers. ❗️📢

Therefore, it is with all the greater pleasure that we present you our new supply of greenery. 💚 The fern, monster and asparagus overhangs have been added to our green offer of decorations ideal for the needs of restaurants, wedding halls, shopping malls and even home balconies and terraces.

We believe that their quality, fantastic visuals and a very reasonable price will make most of the indexes presented today very quickly find their way to the list of our green bestsellers. 🙏 ☘️🔎

- shop window decoration,
- green decoration of the entrance and interior of the restaurant,
- addition to floristic compositions, especially wedding and occasional ones,
- an element of a vertical garden,
- arrangement of an office or open space,
- decoration of the balcony, terrace, columns, stair railing or other elements of the decor.

- flexibility and ease of composition with other artificial plants,
- faithful representation of the appearance of plants,
- resistance to damage,
- color and form durability,
- do not cause plant allergies,
- they do not need sunlight,
- they do not need to be watered, they do not wilt,
- give interiors and events a completely new, green character. ☘️

We invite! 😍

The world of green mats

The world of green mats

May 10, 2022

At Bomm, we are up to date with the latest trends, which is why today we present you green mats that can be used in more than one arrangement, e.g. 😍🌿💚

* beloved and how phenomenal vertical gardens

* green walls inside buildings that will add green energy even in raw and large-area spaces

* external facades of commercial spaces

* in offices, to divide open space

* fair, theater or exhibition scenography

* balconies

* addition to the decor of occasional arrangements, e.g. weddings, weddings, etc.,

* backgrounds for lighting,

* green carpets

and many more!

Artificial mats are a modern solution that can be used in any scenery. Greenery is always on top, it can be a background for inscriptions or lighting in a restaurant or other commercial space. 🌿💚

Vertical compositions are created so that the colors, sizes and textures of plant leaves create natural, green images.

Features and benefits of artificial mats:

* instant effect (e.g. intimacy, fencing, forest interior climate, etc.),

* they are exact copies of living plants,

* bring natural beauty to any interior,

* easily fit into other decorative elements,

* they blend in perfectly with other types of plants (live and artificial),

* do not take up space on the floor - perfect in small interiors where there is no room for large pots, etc.

* instant effect "as after renovation",

* long-term durability,

* high resistance to various types of damage,

* do not require daily care,

* do not require sunlight,

* do not lose their color,

* safe for allergy sufferers,

* do not block the air circulation,

* cover surface damage, e.g. rust or moisture,

* do not attract insects etc.,

* do not damage the facade or other surfaces to which they are attached,

* serve as protection of external surfaces (including against weather conditions, vandalism or animals),

* very comfortable and easy to install.

Here are some of our green suggestions:

TR009 - 26x26 cm grass mat that perfectly imitates live grass >

TR073 - 5 meters long moss mat will create a forest climate >

TR142 - Another green 100x95 bestseller, imitating realistic moss >

TR054 - Mat of colorful leaves 60x40 cm >

TR057 - Moss and bark mat 50x50 cm >

TR141 - Fern mat 50x50 cm >



Elegance and style - orchids

Elegance and style - orchids

May 4, 2022

After a long weekend, we come back to you with our best-selling orchid flowers, which are highly appreciated! 😃✌️🌸 A stunning palette of vivid and pastel colors, a structure that perfectly imitates a real plant, as well as many other advantages - you will find in our orchid hits. 😍

And among them: 🌸

 1. Your favorite satin orchid branch K218, 92 cm high, available in 30 different colors:

2. Rubberized orchid sprig GK150, 98 cm high, premium product available in 10 colors:

3. Another bestseller, rubber orchid sprig GK560, 102 cm high, available in 9 different colors:

4. Rubber twig, 79 cm high, available in 7 different shades:

5. A composition with an orchid, 92 cm high: 


We invite you 🌸

Season for occasional decorations - baptisms, communions - it's time to start!

Season for occasional decorations - baptisms, communions - it's time to start!

April 26, 2022

Who among us does not love white? 🤍🦢 White is a symbol of purity and innocence, as well as the richness of spiritual life. 🙏 Flowers in light shades can work wonders in austere, modernist interiors - softening the space and giving it a warm atmosphere and lightness. 💐


At Bomm, we recommend angelically beautiful flowers that will decorate the most beautiful ceremonies such as baptisms and communions. 🕊🎀 Our team will conjure up the most beautiful decorations for you according to your projects! 💐


Here are some of our best sellers: 🤍


  • GK331 - beauty in a classic version, i.e. a rubberized lily branch, 66 cm high and 19 cm in diameter:

  • K498 - a sprig of hydrangea, 86 cm high:


  • R056 - our bestseller, a subtle gypsophila in light shades that will perfectly complement any decoration and bouquet, giving it lightness:

  • NN857 - a ready-made composition with an orchid that will add a festive character to important moments:


  • B130 - a wide green overhang that will be an excellent base for decoration:


  • NN282 - floral head wreath, 19 cm in diameter, perfect for the First Communion ceremony:


  • U641 - our bestseller, a bouquet of satin peony flowers 43 cm high in beautiful, pastel shades:


We invite! 💐🌷

The world of sunflowers

The world of sunflowers

April 18, 2022

And after Easter, we present you a unique collection of sunflowers. 🌻

A symbol of late summer and early autumn, as well as hot summer days. 🌻🙃 These colorful, fresh and optimistic flowers are a bold and warm accent in both summer and early autumn compositions. 

Sunflowers look exceptionally noble, fresh and light. They bring to mind idyll, family, warmth and sun. They also symbolize loyalty, which is why they are considered flowers that lift us up. 🙏💛


At BOMM, we especially recommend beautiful and beautiful sunflower flowers: 


  • GK060 - our best-selling premium sunflower with a diameter of up to 24 cm and a length of 106 cm:


  • GK062 - satin sunflower with suede coating, 74 cm high and 15 cm in diameter:


  • GK520 - new, 70 cm high sunflower:


  • GK521 - sunflower in late summer colors, 80 cm high, consisting of three beautiful flowers:


  • GK525 - sunflower, 49 cm high:


  • GK328 - another bestseller, a sunflower twig, 100 cm high, made of satin, the diameter of the head is 19 cm:


  • B037 - a beautiful garland with sunflower flowers, 160 cm long:


  • GK300 - Satin sunflower - a twig 60 cm high, a head diameter of 11 cm:


The symbol of the coming spring - TULIPS

The symbol of the coming spring - TULIPS

April 7, 2022

Tulips are a real must have in the spring season. This year also cannot miss them! These flowers bring to mind only positive associations. 🙂 They symbolize friendly relationships between people, gratitude and style. They are not as formal as roses, but they cannot be denied a real charm. With the use of tulips, you can conjure up the most beautiful flower arrangements and Easter decorations. 🌷💐

We recommend our novelties, i.e. sumptuous and blooming bouquets of spring tulips, which perfectly imitate living: 💐

• GK119 - Tulip - rubberized twig, 43 cm high, available in 7 natural colors:

• U260 - A bouquet of French tulips, 30 cm high, in intense spring colors:

• U262 - Rubberized bouquet of magnificent French tulips 47 cm high:

• U263 - Tulips - rubberized bouquet, 40 cm high:

• U283 - Rubberized bouquet of nice tulips, 45 cm high:

• U731 - A bouquet of satin tulips, 33 cm high:

During Easter, there are also accessories, such as flocked bunnies YF237, YF242, or other accessories, such as PM026.

Check out our tulip collection at the link:

We invite! :)


Blooming news at Bomm

Blooming news at Bomm

March 30, 2022

The blooming offensive continues in our warehouse! This time we present you colorful, spring and summer bouquets (and we promise to be continued 😉)

We recommend sumptuous, blooming bouquets:

U896 - a spring bouquet of onętek / gerbera 45 cm high, made of satin -

U895 - a bouquet of carnations 45 cm high, made of satin, available in three color mixes -

U897 - a spring, colorful bouquet of beautiful roses, 46 cm high, made of satin -

R217 - a flowering onion branch, 54 cm high, available in natural colors -

U571 - a bouquet of roses and lilies, 44 cm high -

U564 - a bouquet of carnations 55 cm high -

U911 - a bouquet of roses available in four color variants -

U974 - bouquet with rose and lily flowers -

We invite!

Green news from Bomm

Green news from Bomm

March 25, 2022

The last weeks have shown us how much you appreciate our greenery. Therefore, in order to meet this interest, we present another ten green premieres that have just arrived in our warehouses.

We recommend the impressive overhangs of B800 and B801 ferns, waterproof, rubberized B450 ivy and quality garlands B058, B058 and B062 at very attractive prices. We believe that thanks to these products, even the most demanding arrangements will soon turn green with our products.

We invite!

We charm with greenery

We charm with greenery

March 23, 2022

At Bomm, we charm with greenery and put you in a spring mood! Let there be green energy, friendship and harmony. ☘️
Being in the company of greenery has only positive effects. It allows you to relax and unwind, makes the interior less austere and invites you to spend time in it.
Green is not only a symbol of life. It is also hope, rhythm and inner peace. It is worth surrounding yourself with the most beautiful specimens that are available with us all year round!

Check our green products: