BOMM – importer and wholesaler of artificial flowers. Since 1990, it has been operating as an importer and distributor of highest quality decorations and artificial plants.
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BOMM Artificial Flowers Wholesale

BOMM Artificial Flowers Wholesale is one of the pioneering floral importers in the Polish market, offering the highest quality artificial flowers and plants. As a family-owned wholesale distributor of plants and artificial flowers, we have been in the market for nearly 30 years, blending the beauty of tradition with openness to development and innovative ideas.

Located in Lubiczów near Warsaw, we have a multi-level showroom spread over 800 square meters, showcasing over three thousand designs of artificial flowers and decorations. Our Warsaw-based artificial flower wholesale offers top-quality specimens that perfectly mimic natural plants. "Artificial flowers like real" is the motto that perfectly fits our company's image.

Artificial Flowers Near Warsaw

As one of the largest online wholesalers of artificial flowers in Poland and a key importer of artificial flowers, BOMM offers you a rich assortment of highest quality artificial flowers, artificial plants, floral accessories, and tools, Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, and much more! We collaborate with major artificial flower manufacturers to ensure that our artificial flower wholesale is a place where you will joyfully say: artificial flowers like real are a reality!

BOMM Online Store and Decorator Studio online wholesale is a place where you will find the highest quality artificial flowers resembling real ones, artificial plants, artificial flowers for arrangements, floral compositions, office arrangements for office spaces, cemetery arrangements, cemetery flower arrangements, Christmas decorations, as well as floral decorations and accessories.

Artificial Flowers Like Real - BOMM Artificial Flower Wholesale

With nearly 30 years of tradition, our artificial flower wholesale employs a highly qualified team of sales representatives and sellers. We supply artificial flowers and build floral decorations in Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Slovakian, and Croatian markets. Founded by a decorating studio, we employ a qualified team of florists and designers who realize even the most advanced and inspiring green arrangements. We have rich experience in professionally designing green spaces. We constantly monitor and inspire changing trends in the decorating industry. BOMM Artificial Flowers Wholesale has numerous projects for large international brands in its portfolio, including retail chains and amusement parks. We exist to offer our clients unlimited floral possibilities. Our goal is to prove every day that there are no limits or barriers to artificial plants and flowers, and the slogan "artificial flowers like real" is a realistically visualized ambition. The employees of BOMM online flower wholesale are at your disposal six days a week to fulfill all your floral dreams with enthusiasm and dedication. Wholesale and retail artificial flowers are offered only in the highest available quality.

The offer of artificial flower importer includes: single flowers (artificial roses, orchids, hydrangeas, artificial poinsettias), potted flowers, flower arrangements, bouquets (rose bouquets, tulip bouquets, lily bouquets), trees (palms, ficuses), garlands, ivy, and a wide selection of decorative items. You can purchase artificial flowers available in our offer on-site at our wholesale or visit our online store, where you can browse the available assortment at your convenience and place an order, which will be fulfilled within 24 hours. Wholesale of flowers and decorative items invites you to cooperate!