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Color trends for 2022

Kolorystyczne trendy

April 14, 2022

Color trends for 2022
The florists from the Flower Council of Holland presented the trends for 2022. They were divided into four groups based on the spirit of the times. Check what colors will reign this season.

Fresh Start - A new beginning

The two-year period of being released from home, is slowly coming to an end. We get a kind of second chance in which we can verify our current goals and priorities. A fresh, fresh start is at your fingertips.

The hallmark of the Fresh Start trend is clean spaces with lots of white and sometimes pale blue and yellow accents. Due to the fact that the house now has many functions, after all, apart from a space to rest, it has also become an office, school and even a gym, its interior must be easy to transform. Partition walls and multi-functional walls are therefore an ideal place to integrate flowers and green plants, which will provide a fresh look.

Just like the rooms, also the external spaces such as: garden, terrace, patio or balcony gain many new functions, one of which is an additional living space. Fresh color accents bring energy to the outdoor space. In this trend, patterns are of secondary importance and, when present, are based on natural structures such as marble.

The basis of the color palette in this style trend is white in combination with various natural colors. Accent colors - such as shades of green, blue, and red - are making a comeback in flowers and plants.

Bright and Breezy - Bright and airy

The Bright and Breezy trend means carefree, joy, optimism also cheerful colorful interiors, simple checkered patterns, stripes or photos of fruit. Green plants and colorful flowers are essential elements that bring a note of positive energy to the interior.

The outdoor space should also be colorful, where you can enjoy a bit of relaxation among flowers and greenery. Bright and Breezy-style spaces are characterized by a bit of disorder and wildness. Colorful garden furniture, flower garlands, unusual ornaments made of ceramics, colored glass or plastic, apart from colorful flowers, are the basis.

The Bright and Breezy color palette features cheerful and strong pastel tones such as pink, blue, mint and light orange, interspersed with more vivid accents. White plays a less significant role here.

Traditional Sentiment - Traditional

Interiors in line with the Traditional trend are warm, rich in colors, filled with vintage accessories. The hit of this trend are retro-flowering plants (e.g. violets, dahlias, zinnias) and collections of plants of various varieties within one species. Flower bouquets are subtly arranged here with attention to even the smallest detail.

The Traditional Sentiment-style outdoor space is a cozy place to relax, surrounded by unusual plants, it is also a garden where you can find fruit and vegetables, traditional red roses. The most commonly used materials are ceramics, colored cut glass, velvet, wool, reed, dark wood, natural stone and marble.

The traditional Sentiment color palette consists of soft, slightly faded pastel shades such as nude, lilac and pink. Against this background, there are rich and dark colors that cheer you up, like burgundy, ocher and olive green.

Wellness Bubble - Wellness bubble

The Wellness Bubble trend interiors are about peace and harmony. They are characterized by a combination of soft tones with transparent materials and round shapes, which is to symbolize water as a source of relaxation. Flowers and plants have an energetic appearance, the symbol of the Wellness Bubble is aloe leaves, and grasses and artificial flowers are often found here, combined with fresh cut flowers.

The Wellness Bubble style garden provides an escape from everyday worries and sources of stress. An outdoor swimming pool, or a garden bath and a bath among flowers and plants, relaxing armchairs, swings, deckchairs - all this is to make us regain our inner balance and feel like in a luxurious Spa. At the heart of this trend are round shapes and patterns based on splashes and water patterns. The most commonly used materials are: colored glass, high gloss ceramics, transparent fabrics and paper.

The Wellness Bubble's color palette consists of vivid pastels and pastel neon shades, exemplified by shades of pink and yellow, surrounded by pastel green and lilac. White plays a less important role here, it only ensures the transparency of the whole.