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Lavender accessories for the apartment

Lawendowe dodatki do mieszkania

July 7, 2022

Lavender accessories for the apartment

Lavender is one of the most beautiful colors that nature has given us. It belongs to the purple color family and is a lighter shade. It is made from a combination of blue and red and is available in warm and cold versions. It is associated with the narrow-leaved plant of the same name - lavender. Home accessories in this style have been leading the market for a long time and we often reach for them. Why can lavender be enchanting, regardless of the price?

Stylish lavender
Everything associated with lavender strongly fits into the Provençal style. This is where it dominates the huge arable fields. This style is often used in home interiors because it brings back good memories. Holidays, warm sun, gentle breeze and... the smell of lavender. But lavender is not only about Provence - it is also associated with our Polish, idyllic style. For many people, rural atmosphere also brings pleasant memories that we capture in our hands and bring indoors. For many people, lavender decorations are simply beautiful images from the past.

Lavender fashion
Fashionable accessories are not only those in shades of lavender, but also lavender itself. Single twigs, placed in a decorative jar or in an old milk jug, simply look charming and beautiful. Unfortunately, our regional conditions do not favor living lavender, which is why we greatly appreciate the decorative purple fields available in Poland. However, for all lavender lovers at home, we have a great solution. Artificial lavender, lifelike! Of course it is possible. Modern production methods, combined with the best materials, are able to provide a product that closely resembles its organic counterpart. And we can buy such a lavender bouquet or lavender wreath almost at any time. This solution has many advantages, including: it is a durable and beautiful decoration for a long time, it does not have the intense smell of a living plant, which is irritating to many people, it has an intense and beautiful color, just like real lavender, and in addition, it is completely trouble-free in the care of a decorative element.

Lavender in various forms
There are many different solutions available on the market, e.g. lavender, impressive bouquets, single purple twigs, ready-made decorative flower boxes, or just flower heads. Artificial plants offer many possibilities and give the interior a beautiful and unique decoration for a very long time. Another, equally beautiful and attractive, decoration will be artificial lavender in a pot, which is already a ready-made decoration. Artificial flower branches can be bent in any way to give them a natural shape. If it gets dirty, simply wipe the plant with a damp cloth or wash it under running water.

Lavender is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful decorations for home or commercial spaces. It has been a dominant interior design motif for years. Regardless of whether we choose a live specimen or an artificial substitute, lavender guarantees a unique atmosphere.